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How to use multilanguages pages

The creation of the pages would be done by the system operator. The use of the multilanguages pages is easy (see Languages). This tool allow to use a great number of languages (we maybe need portuguese for Saga in the future).


Templates allow to design pages in a quick and standard way.

General presentation of the pages part1

Use == like in this page to have an automatic index

General presentation of the pages part 2

Use windows for the sub section with the appeal of the template {{debut cadre}} and {{fin cadre}} at the beginning and at the end of the window




Use :

{{Information|title=Info|Information message}} 
Information tip.png Info
Information message

Warning (Important point)

Use :

{{attention|Warning message}} 

ATTENTION: Warning message


Use :

 {{Warning|title=Warning|Warning message}} 
InProgress tip.png Warning
Warning message


Use :

Use the tag <nowiki></nowiki>


Use :

{{Note|title=Note|Comments here.}} 
Note tip.png Note
Comments here.

Several mediawiki site